Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Alex Stocks (Brighton)Alex Stocks (Brighton)
1st time pass, down to Ben!
I can’t recommend Ben highly enough, I passed my driving test on the first attempt, and I owe it all to Ben's teaching skills. From the beginning, Ben was patient, open, and honest with me. He made sure I felt comfortable and confident behind the wheel. His calm attitude and clear instructions meant each lesson was productive. Ben's thorough preparation was evident during the test when I encountered a kamikaze squirrel – but even then, Ben had taught me how to stay calm and react safely in unexpected situations. If you're looking for a driving instructor who is patient, and honest and ensures you're fully prepared for your test, go with Ben. His teaching made all the difference, and I can't thank him enough for helping me achieve my goal of passing on the first try. Cheers, Ben!

Martin Currie (Peacehaven)Martin Currie (Peacehaven)
1st time pass! Would recommend to everyone!
Ben is a superb instructor, I can’t speak highly enough of him. From the initial contact I had with him and then throughout my journey it was truly amazing, a real pleasure to be instructed by. Even through my moments of struggle he kept his patience and found a way to teach me, a key skill to have in his field. Above all that a top man and someone that me feel super comfortable with the final result being of me passing my driving test first time. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Amar Myers (Brighton)Amar Myers (Brighton)
Ben was the best driving instructor!
Ben was the best driving instructor I could have asked for. He always remains very calm and is very friendly, he always wants the best for you as the learner and helps you in any way he can. I would recommend to anyone wanting to drive.

Brendan Moran (Peacehaven)Brendan Moran (Peacehaven)
Such a positive experience, 1st time pass!
I had such a positive experience with Ben Simpson, I couldn’t recommend him more a true gentleman, always reliable, respectful and relaxed and I’d always enjoy the experience of the lessons, first time pass, cheers Ben.

Linus Onwumere (Newhaven)Linus Onwumere (Newhaven)
Passed 1st time!
I have actually tried other instructors in the past but Ben is exceptionally a great and excellent instructor. He made it easy for me to learn and pass the first time!! Would highly recommend him. Thanks mate, I really appreciate 🙏🏽

Jess Jukes (newhaven)Jess Jukes (newhaven)
I always felt supported and confident behind the wheel
Ben is an amazing guy, who embodies patience and friendliness throughout every lesson. His calm demeanor and encouraging approach created a comfortable learning environment, which allowed me to stay calm in unfamiliar situations. He has a genuine passion for teaching and made sure that I always felt supported and confident behind the wheel, simplifying and explaining any aspects of driving I found more challenging. With Ben, learning to drive was a very enjoyable journey filled with progress, challenges and positive experiences. I honestly couldn't recommend Ben more!

Sonny Clark (peacehaven)Sonny Clark (peacehaven)
Over the moon that I chose Ben to teach me
ABSOLUTE LEGEND, over the moon that I chose Ben to teach me, couldn’t have done it without him. He broke down the system and made it so simple and easy, even in stressful situations. Ben is the most patient person and is helpful the whole time. Couldn’t recommend Ben enough to help you pass. I’m going to miss our chats and laughs! Thanks so much Ben! 🚗💨👍👍

Ted Morris (Seaford)Ted Morris (Seaford)
Ben got me ready to take my test super quick!
Ben is an unbelievable driving instructor.  He’s friendly, easy to understand (and spend time with), extremely patient and never once made me feel stressed or incompetent whilst learning to drive. Would really recommend Ben as a driving instructor, he got me ready to take my test super quick! Thanks Ben!!!

Owen Cobb (Lewes)Owen Cobb (Lewes)
Passed 1st time!
WHAT A GUY !!! If you are looking to learn to drive look no further Ben is the man for the job. Has to be the most patient man I’ve ever met, very friendly and easy to talk too. The way he explains things makes the whole process of learning so much easier it works that well I was able to bag a first time pass. I highly recommend Ben to anyone younger or older. it’s was great spending the time with you see you soon.

Tomoyo Yoshida (hove)Tomoyo Yoshida (hove)
Worth the wait to get Ben!
Had a wonderful experience with Ben! Initially had some experience with another instructor and took a test with them. Ben has been nothing but patient and made sure that I was confident and fully ready for the test. He is an incredibly friendly instructor and 100% knows how to teach someone to drive. Definitely would recommend to friends and family! And definitely worth the wait to get him as your instructor.

Clare Yarnold KaculiClare Yarnold Kaculi
100% recommend Ben!
If you’re looking for someone who is friendly, patient, understanding, positive and an all round nice guy. I would 100% recommend Ben. It’s taken me awhile to gain the confidence to start driving, but with Bens help he helped me find the confidence I needed for this learning journey. Ben would tailor every lesson to your needs so you would leave each lesson feeling more and more confident as the sessions went on. I will miss our conversations about each other’s families and life in general. Thank you Ben! See you on the school runs!

Raizza DimasRaizza Dimas
Ben boosted my confidence and I passed 1st time!
Ben! Very lucky to have met this guy! He is such an amazing person! I could not find any fault! He has been so patient and helpful! Boosted my confidence and definitely a great instructor, knows how to teach you safely and pushes you to do your best! Thank you so much Ben! I'm very happy now I passed but will be missing my lessons!

Rowan Baker-SmithRowan Baker-Smith
1st time pass!
Couldn’t recommend Ben enough. He is friendly, patient and takes the time to tailor each lesson to your needs. I wasn’t looking forward to the process of learning to drive, but I felt so supported and safe with Ben from the first session, it really took all the stress out of the last few months. Thank you, Ben! 🚘 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🚘

Ashna RoyAshna Roy
Stella learning resources
Ben is an excellent instructor. I came to him with some driving experience in another country. He very patiently taught me to learn new driving habits and un-learn some of them that don't work in the UK. I found his use of the LD system extremely helpful and the material provided stellar learning support. He has also been extremely flexible in accommodating my availability through the process. Ben is extremely encouraging and patient in his teaching style, and I immediately felt confident that I would pass with his guidance. Naturally, I passed with Ben on my first try!

Jacob McMillan Jacob McMillan
Fantastic instructor!
Ben has been a fantastic instructor, very patient and understanding. The lessons have been enjoyable whilst learning. The LDC system has been very useful to keep track of targets. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to learn to drive and have already recommended him to my brother who will be learning to drive in 18 months time. Thanks Ben for all your help

Martin Edwards Martin Edwards
His friendly, calm and relaxed manner means that I always felt relaxed and safe.
Ben has made the process of learning to drive a car a stress free experience. His friendly, calm and relaxed manner means that I always felt relaxed and safe. It always felt like Ben was trying to actively trying to provide the best service by focusing lessons on the skills that required improvement as well as getting me an earlier test date when it appeared that I was going to be ready earlier. With me having a motorcycle licence already, it was clear that Ben was actively utilising any skills that I already had rather than teach me from scratch, which made for a very efficient and enjoyable experience. He fostered confidence in me where I needed it and is very calm and courteous when it comes to correcting faults. Overall I would say that it is very much worth the wait to get your driving lessons with Ben, you will not regret it.

Laura TekoriuteLaura Tekoriute
Ben got me believing in myself!
From the very first lesson, Ben made me feel at ease and got me believing in myself. He got out of his ways and tailored an entire learning process around what worked best for me. The LDC system and the workbook have been extremely helpful in supporting me throughout this journey to become a safe and capable driver. He has been extremely supportive and calm from day one, he encouraged me to stay positive and carry on and made me feel in control of the process at all times and helped me to overcome my nerves and insecurities. The friendliest and extremely knowledgeable driving instructor, I will forever be grateful to Ben for his never ending patience and support. Had a wonderful experience on the road with him and would 100% recommend him!

Dixon LesleyDixon Lesley
Ben has been incredibly patient with my driving
Ben has been incredibly patient with my driving. Implementing me into his busy schedule while providing material that has been beneficial to better understand the steps to becoming a test ready driver! From those early morning drives to those late ones, too! Working on different driving conditions. Thanks for all the tunes, support and material provided!

Jack ParkerJack Parker
Worth every penny!
Amazing instructor. Ben is one of the friendliest driving instructors around and definitely worth every penny. Very calm way of teaching and offers the best advice. Would definitely recommend him

Belle BodgerBelle Bodger
I would recommend Ben 100%.
Thank you Ben, the experience my daughter has had while learning to drive with you has been excellent. As a parent, your communication and information given was perfect. The LDC online learning system provided an excellent theory learning experience. I would recommend Ben 100%. My advice would be to start enquiring a good few months before your young person turns 17. Ben has an excellent track record of a first time pass rate and very much worth waiting for availability.

Thomas HaydenThomas Hayden
A massive thank you to Ben!
A massive thank you to Ben for all his help and support. The LDC system has been great from the first stage with theory mock tests all the way to the end showing progress after every lesson. Would highly recommend Ben.

Emma Garrood Emma Garrood
Ben has just been amazing
Ben has just been amazing since the beginning. starting out, i was such a nervous driver but ben has helped me overcome my fear and now i absolutely love driving. i’ve grown so much since we started our lessons and i can’t thank Ben enough for his kindness, his patience and his support. the LDC online and workbook materials have been great in supporting my practical learning, and it was a great resource to refer back to throughout my lessons. i’ve had a brilliant experience with Ben and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who wants to get on the roads. i can’t thank him enough and i’ll miss our talks in the car :)

Angie AbdouAngie Abdou
Always went the extra mile to support me
I cannot recommend Ben enough. He has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Ben is very friendly, patient, calm and an excellent teacher. He is also organised and communicates well. I was initially very anxious and put off learning to drive but Ben instantly put me at ease and always went the extra mile to support me. The LD system was unique and helpful as it made it easy to track progress and break learning down into bite-sized chunks. I am so incredibly thankful to Ben for turning me into a confident and competent driver. I cannot fault Ben in any way and would recommend him in a heartbeat. Ben, thank you so much!

Keiron MorrisonKeiron Morrison
Ben is fantastic!
Ben is fantastic, I’ve come so far with him. Today was my test, And I got a first time pass with him. Not just a driving instructor he’s a Friend for life now. I’m so over the moon. I didn't think I could do it, but I’ve accomplished my goal with him. Highly recommended!

Abbi HalseyAbbi Halsey
Very patient and helpful
Would definitely recommend Ben to be your driving instructor. Very patient and helpful, especially at the beginning. Good at explaining the task at hand, both visibly and verbally. Grateful to Ben helping me pass my driving test and would definitely recommend to a friend.

Oscar BerkhoutOscar Berkhout
I’d highly recommend Ben!
Ben is a terrific driving instructor. From the very first lesson, he made me feel at ease and made sure we approached the learning process efficiently so we could meet the target date for my test. He is cool, calm and collected and always delivers feedback in a digestible way - his encouragement did wonders for my confidence and reassured me that he was the teacher for me from very early on in the process. As we progressed, Ben was always keen to test me and pushed the boat out if I felt comfortable to do so. Another important factor in the process was the LD learning system that Ben provides - having a system that allows you to track your progress and learn outside of lessons means you’re always prepared for the next lesson. Not only was he a great teacher, but his openness meant that we could have great conversations and get to know each other. Being as warm as Ben is means that I always felt comfortable and relaxed. I’d highly recommend Ben to anyone who’s looking for a friendly, approachable and efficient driving instructor who will not only help you secure a test date, but work towards that in the best way possible so you can ultimately pass your test and get on the road. Thanks again, Ben!

Cornelius NgCornelius Ng
Truly enjoyed the learning experience
I have been lucky to have Ben as my driving instructor. I started to approach Ben in July as my international license was going to expire. Ben was so kind to offer me a test drive session out of his extremely packed schedule. After the session, he managed to identify my areas for improvement and devised a tailor-made intensive course (total five 2-hour lessons) for me. The time we met for our first lesson, I haven’t actually done my theory test. He reckoned that I should just focus on the practices on LDC app and gave me some tips on hazard perception test. I followed his guidance and passed my theory test with 49/50 and 56/75 for my hazard perception test. Having 17 years of driving experience from another country, Ben has been absolutely professional, patient and critical in fine tuning my driving skills to pass the driving test with just 5 lessons! I have now passed my driving test on my first attempt. I can’t thank Ben enough and would strongly recommend him. Though short, I truly enjoyed the learning experience with him.

Callum Ferreira
Calm & friendly approach really helped
I am so pleased to have chosen Ben to teach my son to drive. Having purchased a block of lessons for his 17th birthday, he started his lessons soon after. Before his 1st lesson Ben came to visit us and introduced himself and explained clearly the process of learning to drive with LDC. The online system is great as we were able to see the days and times of all future lessons which Ben had scheduled and we also received reminders the day before. Ben has a calm and friendly approach and immediately put my son at ease and he looked forward to his lessons every week, gaining confidence and knowledge quickly. The whole experience of learning to drive has been a really positive one. He is so happy to have passed his test this week! Thank you Ben.

Callum FerreiraCallum Ferreira
A very enjoyable experience!
I would absolutely recommend Ben, he has made the whole process of learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. He matched my learning pace well and adapted each lesson according to what I felt comfortable to learn next and built my confidence quickly. Will miss our weekly football chats about Tottenham. Once again, I couldn’t recommend Ben enough.

Micky Barnet-LucasMicky Barnet-Lucas
Passed 1st time!
So grateful for Bens hard work and support that enabled me to pass my driving test first time round. He has been an ideal instructor for me- super friendly, great attention for detail, organised and really genuine. I always felt really at ease during our lessons which was something I really valued, and which enabled me to focus on learning the fundamentals of driving. The LDC online and textbook resources also supported my understanding of the theory of driving, and it was handy to have textbook pages/videos to refer to if I felt I wanted to go over something again from a lesson. I don’t know many instructors that can offer this kind of all round support so that you can fully understand what you’re doing behind the wheel. Again, so grateful for Ben!

Rachel HildredRachel Hildred
I can’t recommend Ben enough, he’s been amazing through every aspect and the LD system and workbook is a great tool to learn and keep track of your progress. We’ve had it all thrown at us we had a cancelled test, then his car being off the road 2 days before my test, but he did everything in his power to get me to the test and it paid off with a pass, can’t thank you enough Ben, I shall miss out weekly chats.

Holly AshdownHolly Ashdown
The best instructor around
Ben has taken my driving to the next level ! I’ve managed to pass first time with ben and have become a more confident driver all round! Ben would help me understand my driving more and show me ways to improve so i’m very grateful for the experience! Had a laugh with ben too, many talks about music made the environment fun and comfortable to learn in! The LDC learning book i was given also helped to understand what i was learning and it broke it down into easy to read chunks. The check list of things too practice before the test, which i found in the book, really helped me visualise what i needed to work or learn and made me feel more prepared for the test being able to visualise all the different topics! Would definitely recommend ben as one of the best instructors around, will miss our lessons!

Simon AmesSimon Ames
I simply cannot recommend Ben enough!
I simply cannot recommend Ben enough, from day one to passing my test this week he has demonstrated every good quality you would want in a driving instructor... Genuine candour and reassurance, great professionalism, proactive communication and a strong ability to succinctly transfer his understanding of any given situation through relatable explanations. I also found the LD system super helpful for reinforcing learning and keeping track of progress through the weeks. Thank you Ben!

Max SmartMax Smart
Passed 1st time with ZERO faults!
I really appreciate Bens flexibility to the lessons, we progressed really quickly with every lesson doing more than i thought i could. Super nice guy and very enjoyable to be with - would recommend to anyone looking to drive. Passed first time with no faults at all, chuffed it went so well and couldn’t have done it without Bens help!

Tom BishopTom Bishop
Chose Ben as your instructor and you’ll be in very safe hands.
Ben has been a fantastic instructor to my son, Tom, and we really can’t thank him enough. Tom found the LD system very helpful and straight forward. It was a useful and user friendly tool which helped him to pass his test. Ben was very chatty and relaxed with Tom which definitely helped him feel at ease and improved his confidence. I was also impressed with Ben’s communication skills. He provided a detailed timetable and went above and beyond to fit in driving lessons around Tom’s college timetable, and he also picked him up and dropped him back to college. He was always very prompt in answering any questions we had and kept us informed of Tom’s progress. I would highly recommend Ben and the LD system. If you chose him as your instructor you will be in very safe hands.

Albie DaillyAlbie Dailly
Absolutely amazing
Ben has been absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend him highly enough!! Ben recognised that I have a different learning style and he totally supported me with all aspect of my learning using the LDC system and workbook. Ben went over and above to ensure I was ready to take my test and pass first time. I’ve really enjoyed my learning experience with Ben and will miss our chats.

Ivan GarciaIvan Garcia
Absolute legend
Ben has been an absolute legend and could not recommend him enough. The LD system and workbook were super helpful to plan the lessons and the gaps in knowledge. As per the lessons, Ben has gone the extra mile to ensure I was ready and was always super keen to make it work for me (with lots of rescheduling of test dates etc due to weather, holidays and whatnot!). Once again, 100% would recommend him, I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and chats about everything. Thank you so much! 🙌🏻

Max FrenchMax French
Ben built my confidence.
Started driving with Ben through a recommendation from family. We started in December and I passed in May. Ben built my confidence on the road and always kept me calm. He will see you as a person and treat you with the upmost respect when driving. When I was shown the LDC workbook and supporting web site, it helped me breakdown the learning into bite size chunks for me to study and practice. This helped me to progress much faster as I was able to track my progress. I would highly recommend learning with Ben & the LD system. Thanks Ben.

Lillian Quarta
Had a wonderful experience with Ben
Had a wonderful experience with Ben giving me refresher driving lessons. He is honest, patient and a very pleasant personality. I was nervous at first, but the moment I stepped into the car with him, I felt very comfortable and just drove away. He gave me very useful tips and hence would recommend him blindly. Thanks again Ben.

Izzie Palen-StephenIzzie Palen-Stephen
I had such a great experience
I had such a great experience from the beginning of my driving journey with Ben. He taught me everything I needed to know to become a safe driver and be ready to pass my test first time. The LD system really helped me with understanding roundabouts by reading and watching the videos. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Ben. I rate ben 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️and will be recommending everyone I know to contact him for lessons

Gary Creagh Gary Creagh
Passed 1st time
Ben, thank you for all the help you have given me in helping me pass my driving test. You made it so easy for me. The LDC system really breaks it down so much that even people that are not very confident in driving will find it a breeze. Ben himself is such a patient instructor and has made my experience in learning to drive such a joy. I've enjoyed every lesson I've had with him and learnt so much from him. Thank you again.

Keiron Morrison
Can’t wait for my next lesson!
Had my fist lesson with Ben today, he was good, took everything nice and slow, and reassured me. I can not wait for the next lesson Ben is fantastic

Max French
Ben is the key to me passing my test
Just had my first lesson with Ben and I can already tell that he is going to be the key for me passing my test. I can see that Ben has a down to earth mind set and is focused on making me test ready.

Roman Parham
Looking forward to future lessons and definitely recommend to everyone
Just finished my first lesson with Ben and can’t wait for the next one! He helped erase the nerves I had prior to the lesson by being calm, outgoing and knowledgable. I felt very much at ease because of his generosity with resources that will help me progress even more. The combination of theory and applying it practically is perfectly balanced. I’m very much looking forward to future lessons and definitely recommend Ben to everyone.

Feras Alkabani
Extremely good at simplifying and explaining
Ben is a great driving instructor; he’s patient, professional and extremely good at simplifying and explaining things. He’s very well organised and is generous with his time and resources, which he shares with his learners. I couldn’t recommend him enough. If you’re looking for a good driving instructor, look no more. The sessions are well structured and there’s a good balance between unpacking the theory of driving and putting it into practice. I’m very happy with the lessons.

Emma Garrood
Ben has been a life saver!
Ben has been an absolute life-saver! I was so nervous about learning to drive but his calm, collected and warm approach to both me and then learning has made the experience so lovely and easy-going. Very reassuring, patient and makes driving seem so much more comfortable and a lot less scary. Thanks Ben :)

Fawzia Mazanderani
Looking forward to my next lesson with Ben
Just had my first lesson with Ben and he was fantastic. Really calm, kind and knowledgeable, I feel way more confident after just two hours. I definitely recommend him and I’m already looking forward to next lesson despite not normally feeling like a confident driver at all.

Albie DaillyAlbie Dailly
Highly recommended learning with Ben.
Ben is a great driving instructor, he’s so calm and patient he’s really put me at ease starting to learn to drive. I’m really happy with my progress so far and highly recommended learning with Ben.